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Stylish eyewear

I wear my sunglasses at night .....
Sunglasses are like red lipstick... they bring an immediate higher level to your look.

happy home

May your home know good energy and joy
That each room can hold laughter and joy and that every window always be open for creativity, colour and good vibes
A happy home is happy mind

Evening bags & clutches

With a good nice bag you have endless options ....
A great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself
A great outfit goes with a statement bag


Fashion is art, and you are the canvas! Wear it , own it , be proud of yourself and shine !
Style is a way to show who you are without words. FAMM x

Statement Jewelry

Yes of course you need a pair of new fancy earrings, a new ring or chain.
Every piece of jewellery tells a story .... your story .

FAMM headwear

The joy of dressing up is an art. A stylish headwear is definitely part of it .
A hat for spring or summer
A hat for fall
A hat for no particular reason at all . FAMM headwear will dress up your outfit, that's for sure :-)

the gift

This festive season we are showing you the perfect gifts. A gift to yourself , friends or family.
Original, authentic items that bring some happiness into your life. It's not about how much we give , but how much love we put into giving the perfect gift x

pre loved

Proud to present you our pre-loved items
Items that have been loved before. I think this a positive thing to offer on my webshop.
good for the evironment and ecological footprint. Hope you like it
x Kate

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